Simple Pricing For Every Business

Feature updates, realtime backups, and a dedicated database come with every plan.

Choose a plan with the applications you need and only pay for your active users.

  • Contract Billing

    $24 /user/month (billed bi-annually)
    • Billing Only
    • Knowledge Base

      Support (Email, Phone & IM)

      Single Tenant Architecture

  • Warehouse Stock

    $29 /user/month (billed bi-annually)
    • Stock Only
    • Knowledge Base

      Support (Email, Phone & IM)

      Single Tenant Architecture

  • Managed Services

    $64 /user/month (billed bi-annually)
    • Billing, Service, Stock
    • Knowledge Base

      Support (Email, Phone & IM)

      Single Tenant Architecture

  • Enterprise Sales

    $89 /user/month (billed bi-annually)
    • All Applications
    • Knowledge Base

      Support (Email, Phone & IM)

      Single Tenant Architecture

Want to learn more about BMS?

Request a Demo

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. We are happy to take you through a free demo, then once you are ready to sign up, we will send you through an invoice and set you up on a clean database, ready to start importing your existing data.

How long are your contracts?

All plans have a bi-annual (6 months) billing period.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that BMS isn't right for your business, cancellations are applied at the end of your current billing period.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, downgrades are applied at the end of your current billing period.

What if some users are inactive?

Whilst you do pay upfront for the total number of users required, we will regularly credit your account for any users that are inactive during the previous month.

For example, you might have 25 user accounts, but only 19 users actually logged in during the month. You will then receive a credit on your account for the 6 users who were inactive during that month.

This effectuively means you are only paying for what you use. Simple.

Do you offer staff training?

Beyond the knowledge base and support included with every plan, one-on-one training is available on request, at an additional cost.

Unsure which plan is best for your business?

Give us a call on 0402-403-879

What is Single Tenant Architecture?

A single instance of the software and all of the supporting infrastructure serves a single customer. With single tenancy, each customer has their own independent database and instance of the software.

Single tenancy makes the software safer (see below), more reliable, and easier to backup and restore. In fact, for every customer, we automatically patch the database software and back up your database, enabling point-in-time disaster recovery.

It also allows customers to have a wide range of customization options, since both the database and software instances are unique to each customer.

Is my data safe and secure?

As mentioned above, single tenant architecture can leverage all of the security that is built into databases to prevent and discourage hacking, whereas multi-tenant systems need to develop their own security systems to achieve these same benefits ... with the walls between the data of different customers much thinner.

The security and uptime of your software is our top priority. We protect your data with the same level of security and encryption that the big banks use, and we have a 99.99% average uptime.

I'm looking to switch. Can I import my data?

You can import contacts, customers and products into your software from a standard CSV file. Further import options are also available on request. If you require an integration with another data source, this can also be done at an additional cost.