Consolidate Your Data And Processes

BMS is a unified suite of business applications, commonly referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
Beautifully designed as a web and mobile friendly solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in managed service industries.


Customer Relationship Management

Keep your sales team happy and productive.

Configured to generate opportunities and keep your customer relationships on track. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application records contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities and campaigns.

The days spent waiting to get back to the office to update your CRM are over. We go to great lengths to ensure your customer data is displayed quickly, safely and accurately wherever you need it.


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Helping you sell more and sell faster.

Optimise complex selling processes with custom workflows that scale as your business grows. The Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) application tracks customers, deals, contracts, products and assets.

All the product and pricing information that your sales team need is readily available. You will then stay on top of your deals and follow their progress through quoting, contracting, availability and fulfillment.


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Billing and Revenue Management

Flexible contracts and consolidated billing.

Supporting your business processes for the generation, capture, collection, and assurance of revenue. The Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) application tracks customers, assets, contracts, billings and invoices.

Mid-cycle upgrades and downgrades, credits and cancellations, add-on purchases, and other events can be managed to deliver timely financial closes, minimise risk, and ensure accurate revenue reporting.


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Supply Chain Management

Purchase, sell and manage your stock.

With comprehensive purchasing, sales and inventory management, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) application tracks sales orders, purchase orders, products, warehouses, customers, suppliers and carriers.

Issue purchase orders to suppliers and sales orders to customers, manage your inventory, track stock movements, see what's selling and what's not, run reports and monitor your supply chain.


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Service Lifecycle Management

Turn a profit on your post-sales service.

Your service ecosystem needs accurate job and asset information to optimise ongoing service delivery. The Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) application tracks jobs, customers, assets, agents and invoices.

By providing an easy-to-use scheduling interface and an overview of asset history and service entitlements, we can help your team improve their productivity and maximise your returns from post-sales service.


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Designed For The Way People Work

All applications operate seamlessly within an elegant and user-friendly interface,
empowering your employees with relevant, accurate, context-aware information.

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Standard dashboards are available for every application, with customisation and drill-downs available to further isolate specific data.

  • Search & Filter

    Predictive search & shared or private filters allow you to quickly access specific data using the method best suited to your workflow.

  • Responsive Design

    BMS is built to work perfectly no matter where you are and what device you are using - smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • Customisation

    BMS is tailored to meet your requirements with in-built flexibility, empowering users with customised settings and options.

  • Powerful JSON API

    Want to integrate BMS with another app? Our JSON API allows you to use an existing integration or build exactly what you need.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Detailed, up-to-date reports allow you to continually monitor KPIs and quickly drill-down to the exact information you need.

  • Private & Secure

    Your company will have its own private database, with each connection locked down through 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Free Online Support

    Unlimited, around the clock email support, live chat within the application during business hours and a detailed online help centre.

  • Industry Cloud

    Our industry-specific solutions reduce the need for individual customisation, providing a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Unified Suite

    BMS is a unified suite of applications, which reduces duplication of data and creates a 'single source of truth' for your business information.

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