Billing and Revenue Management

Supporting your business processes for the generation, capture, collection, and assurance of revenue.The Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) application tracks customers, assets, contracts, billings and invoices.

Automate Contracts

Manage contract parameters from customised contract profiles.

Contract profiles help save time, reduce errors, and standardise the creation of contracts between a customer and a service provider for the provision of ongoing services.

The type of contracts intended for this application include (but are not limited to): cost per copy printing, internet services, VOIP services and billable telephone charges.

Adjust Charges

Manage individual contract charges from charge type templates.

Charges can have both fixed and variable rates based on usage and/or excess usage. They may also include a finance component and/or third-party charges. Charge type templates can then be setup for common combinations.

In addition to the aforementioned charge type flexibility, you can also associate charges with cost centers, and analyse the ongoing profitability of a contract.

Process Transactions

Track usage and process transactions across established billing periods.

Contracts are billed either monthly, quarterly, or at another defined time period. Each billing period then contains transactions that are built from a standardised template, as defined in the contract.

Transactions facilitate the collection of any volume usage data required for the bill calculation process, and include any methodologies required to meet the different contracted pricing methods.

Customise Invoices

Generate and approve customised invoices from billing transactions.

Based on the billing status, and its associated transactions, invoices are automatically created and monitored through their progression from draft, to approved, to processed.

Invoice templates on a contract allow for the detailed customisation of invoice lines, per contract, catering to businesses with sophisticated billing procedures.

Manage Assets

Establish assets and define their relationships to customers and contracts.

Assets are individual instances of a product that are linked to a customer, a location and a contract. Meters and their associated readings can be tracked on an asset for use in volume-usage based contracts.

This usage data can then be used to compare an asset's order history of supplies against the yield of the supply, to quickly identify asset performance and profitability.

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