Customer Relationship Management

Designed to improve lead generation and keep your customer relationships on track.The CRM application tracks contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities and campaigns.

Configure Products

Select items from a bill of materials within a predefined list of product relationships.

Product relationships determine and categorise the available components and supplies for individual product builds.A streamlines interface for configuring the bill of materials allows for less errors and faster product selection.

Manage Tasks

Easily create, assign, follow, and comment on outstanding tasks.

Tasks help you get things done - they are activities planned for a future date. Assign them to yourself or to others, add action categories (call, email, meeting) and comments, then check them off when they're done.For ease of use, tasks can be generated and tracked from a contact, opportunity or campaign. Then when the task is completed, you are prompted to quickly log an activity with the result.

Track Opportunities

Generate opportunities and track their status from lead through to sale.

Every deal you close should move through a well-defined and predictable sales process. Opportunities enable you to follow the development of deals through this process.
Opportunities provide a detailed picture of exactly where you and your team stand. When you know the status of each opportunity and which opportunities your team members are pursuing you can coach them effectively and help them focus on the most profitable outcomes.

Build Campaigns

Build a campaign and assign bulk tasks based on campaign parameters.

Campaigns allow you to quickly build a list of contacts and define tasks for those contacts en masse, like calling or emailing contacts about your most recent promotion.
Campaigns also allow for the task management of a team of telemarketers or sales people. You might want to target a specific geographic area or demographic, campaigns are the best way to generate tasks against this defined list and assign them to one or many employees.

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