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A family owned business dedicated to helping business, we're reinventing Business Management Software.

Our goal is to transform the enterprise experience and unlock the time spent on complex processes.

Our Story

BMS was initially developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a Unix based MPS Billing platform for a number of Ricoh franchises throughout Australia. Over the years it evolved into a fully-fledged ERP and by 2010 the development of a new version of the software started.

The new version was crafted from the ground up as a web application, to deliver a product that is a full software generation ahead of our windows-based competitors in the industry.

Hosting through Amazon Web Services offers us reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services that enable us to in turn offer BMS at an incredibly competitive price point with world leading security features.

Developed in Ruby on Rails for fast and efficient application development allows us to be very responsive to customer feedback and requests, as well as quickly build new integrations and features.

We take pride in being an agile and productive team with a passion for breaking down complex business processes into simple, intuitive interfaces.

Development Hours
Countries with BMS in use
35 years
Working with MPS Businesses
Cloud Based Infrastructure

Phil Mulligan

A lifetime of experience in software development and over 35 years working with businesses in the Managed Print Services industry has ensured Phil is the person you want to speak to with any technical or MPS related questions.
Completing a postgraduate Masters in Systems Development at Charles Sturt University provided formal acknowledgement of what we already knew... he knows what he's talking about.
Phil drives the underlying infrastructure and ongoing software development for BMS and is always available to discuss best practice for complex contract billing requirements.


Michael Mulligan

With over 25 years experience in web development, infrastructure and technical team leadership, Michael has built up expertise across a broad range of technical roles; from IT support and administration through to user interface design, web application development and project management.His technical grounding is balanced with a strong understanding of business processes and financial reporting through experience in both startups and large enterprise.Michael has a passion for evaluating and implementing emerging technologies as well as designing creative solutions to complex business problems.


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