Supply Chain Management (SCM)

With comprehensive purchasing, sales and inventory management, the Supply Chain Management (SCM)application tracks sales orders, purchase orders, products, warehouses, customers, suppliers and carriers.

Create Products

Create products from pre-built templates customised to the product type.

Products can have relationships to one another and the attributes of that relationship are determined by the product type (simple, build, base, non-stocked).

Build products with components have a bill of materials to allow for basic production-level stock management. Whilst base products with variants are an efficient way to quickly create products with many variants.

Process Orders

Creation and approval of sales orders, purchase orders and transfers.

Tasks help you get things done - they are activities planned for a future date. Assign them to yourself or to others, add action categories (call, email, meeting) and comments, then check them off when they're done.For ease of use, tasks can be generated and tracked from a contact, opportunity or campaign. Then when the task is completed, you are prompted to quickly log an activity with the result.

Move Inventory

Control product inventory across multiple warehouses and bin locations.

Inventory control helps you find the right balance between sales potential and purchased stock, avoiding excess and shortages that can hurt your bottom line.

Every stock movement is recorded, helping to quickly identify actual stock on hand at a bin level (within a warehouse). You can then generate transfers between warehouses to fulfill orders and efficiently utilise the stock on hand in multiple warehouses.

Manage Warehouses

Process inbound receipts or picking and packing outbound dispatches for delivery.

Dispatches and receipts are automatically generated on approval of their relevant orders (sales orders, purchase orders and transfers).

Warehouse management procedures then allow for the scheduling, picking, packing and delivery of dispatches, as well as the processing of inbound receipts.

Track Consignments

Manage external carriers and consolidate dispatches into deliveries for consignment.

A consignment is a delivery of one or more packages from one place to another. The consignment note is used by carriers to identify which packages are to be delivered to the same place.

Consignments can have multiple dispatches and dispatches can have multiple packages. Each package in the consignment is then given a number out of the total number of packages in the consignment.

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